Kega v0.04b


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Kega is a Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive and SegaCD/MegaCD emulator for Win9x/ME/2000/XP by Steve Snake

Kega 0.04:

What's new ?

* Fixed SegaCD Graphics Dot Conversion (Stupid typo) - thanks Gerrie for spotting the

* Temporary fix for graphics corruption in Willy Beamish - thanks Stef for the tip.

* Seperate BRM files for SegaCD USA/JAP/EUR modes when in "Single" mode.

* Added many more Keyboard Shortcuts.

* PSG emulation rewritten.

* YM SuperHQ renamed to SuperHQ - it now affects the PSG too, high pitched PSG notes
will sound a lot cleaner.

* Added WAV Logging.

* "Idle" bug fixed. Kega now *WILL* go completely idle when it is minimised.

* Game Genie support added. Currently works for Genesis/MegaDrive only.

* Added a "Patch" folder setting to the Genesis/MegaDrive config for Game Genie PAT

* Fixed bugs relating to "ghosted" images in various circumstances.

* BIG Rewrite to various "behind the scenes" parts, should solve problems with saving
and loading of SRM/BRM etc. files.

* Minor update to the Z80 core.

* Minor update to the Genecyst Save State stuff (in line with Stef)

* Added MasterSystem / GameGear support :o)

* Added Config for SMS/GG.

* Many other little bug fixes / compatibility issues that I've now forgotten about ;-)
Hmm... maybe I should start documenting everything I do.... ;-)