MAME Plus! 0.101u1


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MAME Plus! is an unofficial version based on MAME / MAME32

Derivative works are discouraged. MAME is a continuously-evolving project. It is in your best interests to submit your contributions to the MAME development team. [MAME License]

This build would never exist without the official MAME / MAME32 and other unofficial builds. Please do NOT send any reports from this version to the MAME team, also avoid posting MAME Plus! specific messages in official MAME / MAME32 board.

MAME Plus! 0.101u1
Oct 13, 2005updated to MAME 0.101u1
core: fixed intel build crashes in zn.c
core: some files are moved in src/vc or src/font again. some *.mak files are removed.
gui: updated resource.h to fix assign menu help strings
gui: fixed show value for audio latency option