Mame V0.128


Total votes: 31

The great multi-arcade machine emulator,MAME, has been updated!

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed:
• 02539: [Crash/Freeze] phrcraze, phrcrazs: [debug] Access Violation (Couriersud)
• 02531: [Sound] mshuttle, mshuttlj, mshutlj2: Moon shuttle speech wrong (Corrado Tomaselli)

Source Changes:
• Connected firefox audio enables and improved volume balance so you can hear the speech chip. Also fixed speech chip frequency.
[Aaron Giles, Philip Bennett]
• marked Hacha Mecha Fighter (nmk16.c) BG rom as a bad dump.
[David Haywood]
• Improved the poker41 and pulltabs button-lamps layouts to look more realistic. [Roberto Fresca]
• Fixed the colors of Yumefuda. Added two new palette functions in generic.c: paletteram_xRRRRRGGGGGBBBBB_split1_w() and
paletteram_xRRRRRGGGGGBBBBB_split2_w() (used by Yumefuda).
[Angelo Salese]

Added function to get the status of CA2 on the 6821 PIA emulator.[Phill Harvey-Smith]
• Added new tool ldresample to assist in resynchronizing audio tracks in a CHD with frames. Currently still WIP but useful if you know what you're doing. [Aaron Giles]