Mame32 v.96 Full Release


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The latest version of MAME 32 has been released.

Game Additions, Deletions, & Changes
-| game removed

+| game added

c| game changed from

C| game changed to

-|worldc94 "World Cup '94"
+|chokchok "Choky! Choky!"
+|dreamwld "Dream World"
+|drtomy "Dr. Tomy"
+|flytiger "Flying Tiger"
+|holywact "Hollywood Action"
+|hoops96 "Hoops '96"
+|lockon "Lock-On"
+|mp_soni2 "Sonic The Hedgehog 2"
+|mstworld "Monster World"
+|nsub "N-Sub"
+|panicr "Panic Road"
+|penocup "Peno Cup?"
+|roughrac "Rough Racer"
+|sxyreac2 "Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2"
+|torus "Torus"
+|twrldc94 "Tecmo World Cup '94"
+|upyoural "Up Your Alley"
+|wbbc97 "Beach Festival World Championship 1997"
+|xtheball "X the Ball"
c|alien3 "Alien³: The Gun"
C|alien3 "Alien3: The Gun"
C|bbmanw "Bomber Man World / New Dyna Blaster - Global Quest"
c|bbmanw "Bomber Man World"
C|crkdown "Crack Down"
c|crkdown "Crackdown"
C|dynablst "Dynablaster / Bomber Mam"
c|dynablst "Dynablaster"
C|loffire "Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou"
c|loffire "Line of Fire"
c|ridger2j "Ridge Racer 2"
C|ridgera2 "Ridge Racer 2"
C|ridgerac "Ridge Racer"
c|ridgeraj "Ridge Racer"
c|wwally "Where's Wally?"
C|wwallyj "Wally wo Sagase!"


-|dietgoa dietgo
+|aerfboot aerofgt
+|ambushv ambush
+|boogwina boogwing
+|cascade avalnche
+|catt mcatadv
+|ddcrewj ddcrew
+|ddream95 hoops96
+|dietgoj dietgo
+|dietgou dietgo
+|ehrgeiza ehrgeiz
+|gsword2 gsword
+|gt3dt211 gt3d
+|invadrmr invaders
+|luplup suplup
+|luplup29 suplup
+|newapunk bbmanw
+|opwolfu opwolf
+|pktgaldb pktgaldx
+|pktgaldj pktgaldx
+|promutra promutrv
+|pspikesb pspikes
+|raveracj raveracw
+|redhawkb stagger1
+|ridger2a ridgera2
+|ridger2b ridgera2
+|ridgeraj ridgerac
+|rongrngg rongrong
+|simps4pa simpsons
+|sliksh16 slikshot
+|souledgc souledge
+|spaceftr starcas
+|sshoot12 sshooter
+|survartu survarts
+|tekken3a tekken3
+|triothej triothep
+|twrdc94a twrldc94
+|zeroteab zeroteam
c|atompunk bbmanw
C|atompunk dynablst
c|policeto policetr
C|polict11 policetr
c|wwally1 wwally
C|wwallyja wwallyj