mGBA v0.8 beta 1


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After far too long in development, mGBA 0.8.0 is almost ready for release. While there are still a few missing features left to finish, I didn’t want to hold up 0.8 that much longer. While I’m working on those last features I’m hoping a final push for testing will help flatten out any more serious issues before the final release of mGBA 0.8.0, so I’m releasing the first beta for mGBA 0.8.

Some notable new features of mGBA 0.8 include:
• A high-resolution hardware renderer for enhanced GBA graphics
• Discord Rich Presence support
• BattleChip Gate emulation

There are also several smaller features, some incomplete features, new debugger capabilities, and more. While mGBA 0.8 beta 1 is relatively well tested for a beta, I encourage heavy testing before deeming this a stable release, while I work on the last few features. The final release of mGBA 0.8.0 will hopefully be within the next few weeks.

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