Nebula V2.21


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The CPS1/2, NeoGeo, Konami emulator has been updated with the following changes:

Fixed crashing in Punisher in the 2nd stage boss.

Improved VBlank timing. Fixes some problems with SFA3.

Added support for the Universe BIOS. Go to Game->Neogeo Options and enable "Use Universe BIOS" to load it. The bios must be in a zip named (in the ROMS folder) and the rom MUST be named uni-bios.rom. When using universe bios, all neogeo options and cheats in nebula will be disabled, use the bios built-in region, machine type and cheats options. When using universe bios you'll see garbage during initial tests, don't worry, that's normal and doesn't cause any other problem.

Fixed slowdowns in s1945p

Fixed crashings if you have more than 4 joysticks connected.