Nemu64 v0.8


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Nemu64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows.

List Of Changes:

*Fixed turned on Sync Speed by default. Some people forgot to turn
this on in last release. Its a good idea to leave on because it helps
things stay synced.

*Fixed it so that you can use the video.dll from nemu 0.6, this is nice
because some people's video card likes this dll better, but graphics are
no where near as good as in 0.7.

*Fixed mempack / eeprom bugs
No longer need to turn of mempack or rumblepack to run games like
extreme-g or others that normaly crash when they are on.

*Added option to change the cartridge eeprom size. Do this by setting
EepromSize = 2048 in the ini for the specific game. A game that this
helps is Evangelion JAP. Although it will be very useful for other games
that use this eeprom size in the future.

*Changed input.dll configuration screen so you can see all of the button
text. Lots of people complained about not being able to see their button
names, hopefully this helps you.

*Recoded the Audio HLE resampler to produce accurate sounds in games. This
gives a generally more crisp sound to some of the audio and gets rid of
"buzzing" sounds in the samples. Good example of this is in starfox's
intro. This does not prevent sound skips and studders however.

*Added "High Quality" option to the dll configuration screen. This will
allow people to hear much higher quality sound IF you have a fast enough
cpu. I will optimise this to run as fast as low quality sound by next
release. A good example of this being used is the sound in konami logos
and the intro music in mystical ninja. Small things like Mario's footsteps
also have a better effect to them. (Dont use this option unless you want
emulation to slow down even more).

*Fixed the problem with the New Combiner in mario64. You can now leave this
option on and mario's head isn't black.

*Added Software mode back in by popular demand. Remember this is SLOW!

*Fixed minor graphics bugs in some games. Also added a few bugs
accidentally. An example is starfox's ground is all messed up. If you
have a problem with this use the old video.dll from nemu 0.7. Yoshi's Story
JAP now is almost playable (backgrounds messed up).

*Fixed bug that caused Komani sports games to crash. Like Perfect Striker
JAP and ISS-64. These games should now work ok.