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NeutrinoSX2 (nSX2) is an open source emulator for the Play Station 2 platform.

Just as the other emulators of its kind, its still under construction, so yeah it means that you can't run any commercial game with it.

In order to run this emulator at its full speed with all the options turned on, you should have the recommended requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz (or AMD XP)
512 MB RAM
5 MB free disk space (for nsx2)
200+ MB free swap space.
MS DX9 compatible hardware
MS Windows XP
Latest DirectX
Powerful Video Card (Nvidia Geforce or Ati Radeon)

CHANGES v0.08.01 : Bugfix Release
- Nasty DMAC ch2 bug (alot of crashes fixed)
- Timing issue with monalisa.elf
- Not allow to change plugins during emulation
- Fixes to translation procedures
- Updated CDVD plugin in archive
- Updates to translation files