NGPSP v1.3.1


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GPSP is a NeoGeo Pocket emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

"Sorry this build took so long. I actualy forgot to finish it off when I had issues with getting irda to work. I desided to just go ahead
and release this build as there are a few who wish to have it. Yet there is a few issues with this build. First Samurai Shodown 2 & Last blade
have some serious issues with the emulator. I have no idea what broke still but both games will lock up for a few mins durring a battle then
resume but yet keep repeating this every so often. Someone told me Sonic was not working in the last build but seem to be fine in this build
(I played till the 2nd world just fine). The game is actualy decent to play at 333 and a frameskip of 4. Well thats about it. Enjoy.

Oh one last thing. Thanks to everybody who donated for me to get a second PSP. I have been working on the wifi library, dubed Nemo, and I am
very very close to getting adhoc suport done for p2p. So hopefuly I can get a adhoc demo out in the near future once i can finish off the
rewrite of the librarys. Exspect a huge thank you personaly to every donator in the wifi demo.

Ps. I officialy changed my name from nexis2600 to PSmonkey now.

-- *NOTE* - This build defaults to 333Mhz as it was a development build. You can still downclock the emu to 222 via the menu.
.) Removed VSync from rendering. Games get a small boost and framerate is now around 40-50 fps in most games. A improvement over being a pretty solid 30.
.) Sound code is there but ungodly bad. I left it in this build in the hope someone can help me out with correcting it and getting it accurate.
.) Suport for using a real bios added but disabled in th