NO$GBA Emulator v2.2f


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NO$GBA started as a Gameboy Advance debugger but was later released as a normal emulator(version 1.9). It is the first gameboy advance emulator to support multiplayer games on the same pc!

2.2f Release Notes:

No$gba v2.2
Notes on New NDS Emulation

Hello to first no$gba version with NDS support. Parts are working fine, parts
are under construction. The most important (missing) things to be aware of

Missing Feedback!
What's up? Feedback on no$gba v2.2a was great, that although it couldn't run
homebrew "libnds" programs. That's been fixed in v2.2b, and I've been hoping
that it'd allow a couple of people to use & test no$gba with their games, and
to get some useful feedback and bug reports from them. From that point of
view, v2.2b has been a total flop, and it seems to have caught even less
interest than my Atari 2600 emulator :-) For v2.2c, if something doesn't
work, please let me know about it!
(Got some great bug reports on newer no$gba updates, many thanks!)

Major Missing Features
3D Video, Sound, and WLAN emulation are still missing. Sound should be
relative easy to implement, WLAN probably isn't that important yet, and
for the 3D Stuff: I've meanwhile figured out how it works, and hope it'll
be implemented in next updates.

Things that work only with real NDS-BIOS-image
The "decompression-with-callback" BIOS functions are currently working only
if you do have a copy of the real BIOSes as ROM-images (see Installation
and DS Xboo chapters).
Encrypted ROM-images (with encrypted first 2Kbytes of the secure area) can
be used only if the (full) NDS7 BIOS ROM-image is present (which contains
the 1048h-byte decryption seed data).

Minor Missing Features and Glitches
Game screen sizing doesn't work yet. VRAM viewer Tile/OBJ windows don't
work. In the DOS version, the NDS video emulation currently appears
totally distorted.

Use Ctrl+T in debug mode to toggle between the two CPUs.
Oh, and the monetary stuff, my bank account is just about to drop to zero,
so I'll probably need to charge some update fees for future no$gba/no$nds
versions, at least from users whom have registered more than 12 months ago.
Some suggestions on reasonable update fees would be great; what would you
pay, and what do you think other companies would pay?

Anyways, for now, the current no$nds beta version is a free update for all
registered no$gba users. As usually, I'd be glad about some feedback, bug
reports, and maybe a priority list for missing/incomplete features, ie.
what you'd prefer to be implemented in the next update.