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PicoDrive is a MegaDrive/Genesis emulator for UIQ ported by SomeOne from Dave's original PicoDrive. It uses Cyclone 68000 as the CPU core.

AnotherGuest has released an early beta of PicoDrive - the Sega Mega Drive emulator.It needs to be installed on the MMC and ROMS need to be stored in the root of any drive - C: or E: .Some things like key configuration might not work and it might crash more then once but what more can you expect from a Beta?PicoDrive S60 is attached.

Latest is PicoDrive S60 build 133,version 0.16

Changes in build 152:

Includes diagonal keys, new version of GCC (should run a little bit faster)..

Latest is PicoDrive S60 build 133,version 0.13

Changes in build 103:

* Right colours in 16bit mode.
* Flipped mode.. (press '9' to activate back and forth).
* Reconfigure keys.. (press '8' to configure'.. follow on screen instructions)
* Added DSA support (pressing application button might crash the whole thing).But should speed things up.
* Might have activated multiple button support. So that should make it playable. (i.e jump and run at the same time).
* Pressing 9 will flip the screen, 8 will reconfigre keys. after pressing 8, press up, down, left, right, b,c,a,start to configure those buttons.

Changes in build 973:

*Exit emulator pressing 'C' button (clear button that is)
*Save keyconfig & screen orientation
*Runs from any drive you might choose (that is should work for 7650 users now).
*Simple filebrowser added. No way to go up a directory but you should be able to organise your roms a little bit better.
*Clipping of blitted images. Portrait should be a littlebit faster as the blit is smaller.
*Able to return to emulator from the main app at least once.
*Removed some crashes regarding to the DSA.
*Using Daves latest PICO backend.

This build only works on the Nokia 7650 but i'm pretty sure we can expect a fix for al the other Series 60 devices pretty soon.
Build 973 will work in installed on C:.Problem is fixed in build 180.

Changes in build 213:

* Added 12 color bit depth CRAM routine. This should make 12 bit devices update a bit faster.
* Added a menu to Load Rom, Configure keys and set Screen modes. Press 'C' button to swap between the emulator and the menu
* Added closing of starter app when exe dies.
* Added another rotate fullscreen mode, so you n-gage owners dont have any thumbs in the way.
* Added CompressAllHeaps before loading the ROM. That means that a basic 3650 can load 2mb roms straight off without any problems.

Changes in build 213:

* New aspect ratios in order to improve gameplay for N-Gage users.

Changes in build 196:

*Save/Load state
*Removed default keys, so only the ones you configure are used(default set configured as previous)
*Added go up level in directory navigation.

Changes in build 116,version 0.11:

* Support for zipped ROMS
* Recomendations: Store 1 smd/bin file in to each zip. It will load the first smd/bin file in the zip it will find.

Changes in build 137,version 0.12:

* Last rom location persisted.
* Added support for 32 column mode (removes the black borders in Street Fighter 2 Turbo etc).
* Some other small fixes.
* Added filtering of files, so only .bin,.smd & .zip files are displayed in the listings.

Changes in build 133,version 0.13

* DSA is back.
* Preliminary Sound support for games using the 68K processor.No Z80 emulation.
* In order for sound to work,you need to uninstall the previons version of PicoDrive an maybe delete the its .INI files.

Changes in build 106,version 0.14

* Added volume control
* DSA tweaking
* Improved performance and stability