NSRT 3.4


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The latest version of this SNES emulator has been released.

NSRT Version 3.4:
- Updated checksum calculation. Now it handles every case.
- Redid the publishing company code, should be 100% accurate now.
- Minor update to chip detection to detect beta SA-1 games.
- Added more publishing companies.
- Redid the code behind.
- Output system completely redone, including fixes for CSV and HTML output.
- Added -infoxml.
- Info output now lists game code and has a hashes section.
- Added a bunch of new hash systems, should be enough for even the most paranoid individual.
- Verified output now shows parent names too, and has a total.
- Text files generated now list NSRT version.
- Pesky () in renaming issue fixed.
- File locking is now in a better place, you should be able to Ctrl+C while doing a file compare now.
- Cut out a lot of junk, binary should be a bit smaller.
- Sped up unzipping and gunzipping and crc32'ing.
- BZip2 and zlib libraries updated, fixes some bugs.
- DB Updates.
- Some features added to make NSRT work better with frontends. (Nach)

NSRT Frontend Version 1.1
- Added icons.
- Icons compressed better.
- Improved build process.
- Added apply button to options dialog.
- Path browser auto updates.
- Can now pass as many files as you want to NSRT.
- Progress bar when scanning.
- More right click menu options.
- Auto complete in all path editors.
- Can choose what double click/enter does on a ROM in the path menu.
- Updated to work with NSRT 3.4 and support several of its new features.
- Parsegen updated, should fix problems with large values in the config.
- Fixed several bugs. Thanks adventure_of_link and anew user for the thorough testing.
- German Translation
- Improved Hebrew translation