PCSP v0.3.0


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Pcsp is a PSP emulator written in c++.

Well it is time isn't it. After the crazy night with hlide's updates it is time to release a new version of pcsp!
Most interesting aspects of this release are :
-Plenty fixes on GE engine including new shader render.
-Joystic support!
-Analog pad support
-Lot of fixes to HLE
and of course some more games appears to be playable.

Here is the complete changelog:

- Fiber support in threadman
- Fixed analogue pad emulation
- Added joystick/joypad support
- Fixed QPspScreen size
- Better way to use QGLFormat
- QPspScreen : now uses QGLWidget instead of QWidget (a.k.a we now use QT's opengl)
- Added screenshot support
- Added argument for being able to open debugger from pcsp-udb
- Added partial save support. Some games can now save their status (puzzle bobble for instance and few more).
- PSF loader rewrite to support proper saves.
- Fixed an old bug in memory card manager (wasn't recongnize kxpoit files correctly)
- Dynamic change between shader and opengl version. From menu option you can enable/disable shaders dynamically while pcsp is running

HLE improvements
- Fixes for Atrac3plus
- correcting sceKernelFreeHeapMemory

New HLE implementations
sceKernelVolatileMemLock,sceKernelVolatileMemTryLock,sceKernelVolatileMemUnlock implementations
Implemented sceIoDevctrl 0x02025801 instruction
Added scePsmf and scePsmfPlayer basic faking

-improve loops in Decoder
-texture are better rendered
-added mipmapping support
-added viewport command - compatible with window resizing
-fixed scissor bug so it is compatible with window resizing
-Now compressed textures can use mipmapping as expected
-Fix alignment for CLUT indexed textures
-DrawPrimitives advances vertex or index adddress so we can execute several PRIM after one VTYPE : Skate Park City and Obscure
-Improved Texture caching using a XOR based key because Lemmings and Worms had issues with it
-Added vertex and fragment shaders
-A lot more fixes to opengl and shaders renderers