PCSX v1.2


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PSX emulator, runs some games. Requires the PSX BIOS to run.

Pcsx is a PSX emulator. What that really means? It means that it emulates the
way that a PSX works and tries to translate PSX machine language to PC language.
That is very hard to be done and we can't speak for 100% success in any time.
The hardware would always be better than the software so if you wanna play games
then better get a real PSX. If you want a debugging tool and test the emulator
then try Pcsx. Pcsx is capable to run many games, but may others don't.
We are working on it ;). The members of the team are very advanced coders and
they will continue the work on the Pcsx as far as they have enough time to work
on it.
Real life comes first and sometimes it is much more demanding.

The team of Pcsx