PCSX2 PS2 Emulator 0.8.1


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pcsx2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for the PC.

What's new in pcsx2 v0.8

Compatibility has been increased since last release. More games go ingame now and 3d is okay in most of
them. Vurecs improved and speeded up a lot (buggy in many causes so use the simple rec for compatibility)
and IPU should work in some cases.(e.g VF4)

Fixed SBUS IRQ at iop
Fix for end chain mode at vif
Fixed SPR0 chain mode
Fixed intc/dmac interrupts that gets cleared right away
Added offset/difference UNPACK modes in vif
VIF irq by vifcode seems ok now
Added interleave mode for SPR
Fixed UNPACK V4_5 with mask
Fixed small bug over VIF1 dma FIFO
VIF1 doens't clears str on MFIFO
Fixed some MFIFO bugs in both GS/VIF1
Fixed bug in REF/REFS dma at VIF1/GS MFIFO

Finally fixed IPU. Mpegs and IPU streams run so do PSS files
Quality of ipu playback improved

Added GSsetCSR
added CDVDreadSubQ, CDVDgetTOC, CDVDctrlTrayOpen, CDVDctrlTrayClose to cdvd

Added some more debug info to CDVD
Fixed cdReadKey function to emulate correctly.
Modified GetToc stuff in cdvd to support dvds
cdvdTD uses lsn now
Fixed NVM (eeprom) access from cdvd stuff
Added reading of mecha version from an external file
Fixed raw dvd sector readng for dvd9 discs (otp and ptp)
Added hw-reg read/write for DecSet register 0x1f40203A
Made cdSeek change the current cdvd sector
Fixed NReady busy stuff

Added more memRead/Write funcs for speed

Fixed bug in branch address in vus
Implemented MFLAG for VU0
Fixed some iVUmicro bugs
Fixed some VPU-STAT related issues
Fixed vu flushing over vuExecMicro
Fixed some pipelines bug within VU1,VU0
Reworked MAX/MINI
Added EFU pipeline to VUmicro
Fixed DIV/RSQRT exceptions

Some improvements on interface.
Added placetopatch == 1, which means patches will be applied every vsync