PinMAME v1.20 Beta


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The MAME pinball emulator/beta has yet updated again..Here are the following changes:

New Features:
-new options "-dmd_only" "-dmd_compact" "-dmd_antialias xx" (replaces the old MAME options translucency,antialias,flicker)

-Mechs can now handle active low solenoids. Use negative number to specify.

-Handles pulsed switches better in mech handler and increased size to 20 switches

-Added mini DMD support to the whitestar hardware (monopoly) [Martin Adrian]

-Added support for Taito games, including sound (Thanks goes to Alexandre Souza and Newton Pessoa for providing very helpful info (sound) on these machines) [Tom Haukap]

-Added support for early Atari games (Atarians to Space Riders), including sound (Atarians isn't working first time due to a strange bug. The roms can be patched to work though...)

-Added Gottlieb "Caveman" Video Emulation (Thanks to Jean-Rene Karr, who provided me with the video board schematics)

-Found the 10 sound solenoids on old Stern games. Assigned to Sols. 23 - 32

-Provided Access to GTS3 aux driver / LED outputs by adding a lamp column

-Commas work on Bally 6803 alphanumeric games

-Old Stern games have their nvram files initialized properly now

-Added Intel 4004 and Rockwell PPS-4 CPU cores to the code

-Added support for "Flicker" prototype by Dave Nutting Associates (Septemper 1974!)

-Added Midway's "Rotation VIII" [Gerrit Volkenborn]

-Added support for Zaccaria games (no sound yet) [Steve Ellenoff, Gerrit Volkenborn]

-Added preliminary support for Capcom games (not working yet) [Martin Adrian, Steve Ellenoff]

Bugs Fixed:
-Fixed dying sound in DCS games (e.g. STTNG, Shadow)

-Fixed missing flashers in IJ

-Inverted flipper switches now work as they should (IJ and NBA) [Martin Adrian]

-Fixed Gottlieb Sys80B games with 4K game PROMS (i.e. Bone Buster, Badgirls, etc.) [Tom Haukap]

-Fixed displays & key reading on alphanumeric GTS3 games (Vegas, Silver Slugger et al.)

-Improved GTS3 DMD brightness & speed [Gerrit Volkenborn]