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Here we go! 0.8, now available for Windows and Android*, brings you the following new features:

• Full video and audio playback in most games (audio requires an optional plugin)
• Huge increases in compatibility! Final Fantasy: Crisis Core is fully playable on fast devices, for example.
• Lots of little things like easy screenshot taking, the beginnings of a cheat feature, etc
Thanks to all the contributors making this possible! I want to call out unknownbrackets and oioitff for outstanding additions.
So get downloading! It may take Google Play some time to update to 0.8.
*For those of you on iOS and Blackberry, 0.8 builds will be available soon. We are still looking for a volunteer to maintain a Mac build.
Note: A Gold version for Windows is coming in the next few days, for those who want to support the project but don't have Android.

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