PPSSPP v1.9.0


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PPSSPP 1.9.0 fixes more bugs and performance issues.

A list of the major changes:
• Flicker fixed in God of War that appeared with newer drivers for Mali GPUs (#12224)
• Improve performance of God of War on Vulkan (#12242), implement built-in GPU profiler (#12262, #12266)
• Vertex range culling fixed on ARM Mali (#12227)
• Started to improve VFPU precision, resulting so far in a fix for the long standing Tekken 6 leg shaking problem (#12217)
• Fixed a VFPU precision snafu on ARM64, fixing disappearing officers in Warriors Orochi (#11299) and some problems in Tomb Raider (#11179).
• Vulkan is the default again on Android versions newer than Pie
• Fix various homebrew store issues
• GPU pause signal handling fixed, fixing some hangs in Bleach and Armored Core games (#12160)
• Audio sample rate conversion handling fixes (#12147)
• Some Vulkan optimizations (pre-rotation (#12216), perf fix in Metal Gear Acid, etc)
• Multiple fixes for the UWP build (#12036, others)
• MP3 playback fixes (#12005)
• Audio in Motorstorm: Arctic Edge fixed by returning errors correctly (#12121)
• Audio glitches in Final Fantasy Tactics fixed (#9956)
• Camera display in Invizimals fixed (#12278, #8521)
• Added hotkeys for texture dump and replace (#11938)
• Added Visual Studio 2019 support. Windows XP is no longer supported (#11995, others)
• Fixes for video capture (#12069)
• Added a separate sound volume for alternative speed (#12124)
• Improved mouse control (Windows only) (#12173, #12176)
• Support for installing texture packs and ISOs from zips (#12175)
• Right analog support for touch controls (only used by patched games and some HD remasters) (#12182)
• Android: Fix OpenSL initialization, possibly helps audio crackle a little. (#12333).
• Fix graphics on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
• Fixed strange vehicle behavior in MGS:PW (somehow) (#12342)
• Ported to the Nintendo Switch by m4xw! Builds available on m4xw's Patreon.

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