PSXeven 0.19


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PSXeven is a PlayStation emulator for the PC.

How to use:
1. Unzip this file to any directory.
2. Download and place a PSX BIOS dump in the 'PSXevenbios' directory.
3. Insert a PlayStation game cd in your optical drive.
4. Click 'Run CD'.

Changes in v0.19:

*modified gpu timing opting for a "slower" update
*fixed spu_freeze crash at exit
*added spu_freeze for window "X" or close button
*fixed vagrant story in-game crash, due to translator memory alignment error.
*increased savestate number to 9 for the savestate crazy people.
*fixed crash-on exit bug caused by libbz2
*added the missing delete/markfree functions for the memcard manager
*fixed YUV to RGB conversion so that it doesn't cause crash on glitches (FF9)
*removed autoset.ini file since it confused some people
*replaced old "dos" box with a custom terminal (since I often get complaints that it's ugly or whatever). This terminal allows you to do some things not present in the GUI including saving custom configurations by using the 'REG' command.