PSXeven v0.15 WIP


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Xeven haseleased a new version of this great PSX emulator PSXeven, v0.15 WIP ! And it's coming with tons of very nice changes:

Fixed cdrom plugin interface, inorder to be able to use cdr plugins that dont support CDRplay/CDRstop.
Fixed pandemonium, gpu_software screen "bobbing". Still doesnt work right in opengl.
Corrected mdec timing, this fixes mdecs for ToE(TO2), dino crisis, Rival School 2 and a lot more games, no need to use the "whackedmdec" option anymore to avoid the "slideshow" mdecs.
Correct exception priority level emulation.
Correct vsync update to irq timing. (thanks to linuzappz )
Fixed "unable to load/share/open iso" error when iso is marked read-only (internal iso plugin).
CdrXeven fixes, including better error handling and Interface autodetection. (i.e wont crash and send your pc to hell anymore if your aspi installation is unsuitable)
Fixed ff9 battle menu flickering with pete's software gpu.
Corrected opcode MTC0 for proper R/W bits handling for COP0 registers.
Added support for custom logos (tnx to CKemu for the new one), you can find some more logos from kiraseed and some more guys in the NGEmu forums.
Corrected savestate problems regarding gamecode detection.
Added savestate support for manually loaded psx-exe's
Added support for PADpoll/PADstartPoll export funcs to support vibration (Harakiri Pad plugin).
Correct MDEC RL block initialization (caused crashes).