QuickPlay v4.6.4


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QuickPlay - MAME Edition is a powerful Windows universal emulator frontend, which has support for countless emulators, systems, game sets and other emulation frontend projects. Its main focus is on being user friendly, simple to set up, yet thorough: its a combined searchable library for all of your retro-gaming...It has a novel Emulator Finder system that takes the hassle out of initial setup and ongoing maintainance

• Emu-Finder: Automatically locates and adds emulators
• Make customised MAME Arcade Game Lists
• Make Mame File Manager Game lists
• Use all MAME Extras files
• Automatically Populate Home Console and Computer game information
• Support for MAME and RetroArch emulators and Sofware Lists
• cache CD/DVD games from a NAS box or other external storage
• Support for GoodMerge ROMsets
• Supports reading 7Zip, Zip and RAR
• Multi-directory ROM Scanner
• Favorites List
• Searchable database
• Automatically load IPS patches
• Load and cache compressed/uncompressed CD/DVD games

QuickPlay v4.6.4 Changelog:
• mame ini file finder
• upgrade nodejs version of mametool
• add mametool logging
• add some icons
• sundry retroarch efind alterations
• add some new retroarch emus

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