RAINE 0.42.3


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RAINE is a multi arcade emulator for Windows, DOS and Linux, which just recently added CPS2 support. A new version, 0.42.2, was released yesterday and has the following changes:
added some code to detect when the priority bitmap is needed
added the few missing cps2 games : armwaru, mshh, cybotus, and vhunt2r1.
Fixed the annoying corrupted colors of the gui sometimes after loading specific games.

List of Changes:

- Fixed toki sound (ym3812)
- Improved priority bitmap emulation (faster and more precise) for cps2 and for the cave driver. It obliged me to rewrite most of the line scroll code and a part of the zooming functions, but I don't think it added any new bugs ! You'll see differences in the attract mode of csclub, dfeveron, feversos and in the ending screens of ddonpach.
- Added rom region switches for mshh and mpangj (translated), and vhunt2r1 and vsav2 (only partially translated, but the service mode is translated at least). I don't think any other cps2 game needs a rom region switch.
- Added a speed hack for mpangj
- Fix bad color palette for snapshots in the gui in 16bpp sometimes
- Added new cheat codes for armwaru, cybotsu, mshh, and vhunt2 from the Pugsy's and the Ultimate patchers cheats databases. By the way Pugsy's cheats helped me a lot to find the rom region switch locations in rom.

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