Raine v0.62.3


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Raine is a Multisystem arcade emulator.

Finally the bug which was creating bad sound in windows for some neogeo games is fixed, sorry for this one.
Except that, cross pang too, and silvertrix found a problem with ssf2ta, and actually the rom had been badly converted from mame with the script. Very hard to detect problem, so at this point the best solution was to do another merge with a fixed script, so I updated the whole list of cps2 games. So there are 40 more cps2 clones, the strangest one probably being gigaman2, without sound. ssf2ta is fixed. I just hope I didn't add more bugs by doing so, but in fact I found a few other problems from previous versions on cps2, so I am pretty confident this should be better. Of course I couldn't test all the 280 cps2 games !
By the way if you want to test neogeo games only you can select the neogeo driver from the options in the game selection dialog.

Sorry for all these bugs, it has been a crazy week, but I needed some help to find bugs at this point, and it has been useful after all. Next version will take much more time to come, especially considering that the weather is warmer and warmer now !

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