SameBoy v0.14.6


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SameBoy is a user friendly, powerful and open source Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy emulator for macOS, Windows and Unix-like platforms. SameBoy is extremely accurate and includes a wide range of powerful debugging features, making it ideal for both casual players and developers. In addition to accuracy and developer capabilities, SameBoy has all the features one would expect from an emulator – from save states to scaling filters.

This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator

New/Improved Features
• Scrolling is now smooth when running the SDL port on macOS
• The SDL port’s debugger now has a readline-like interface; featuring history, search, auto-complete, text formatting, and improved asynchronous input
o This also introduces asynchronous debugging to the Windows version
• Minor UI improvements on Big Sur

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
• Fixed a bug where NR32 was treated as the wrong value after an APU reset
• Writes to wave RAM are now blocked, as expected, when emulating a Game Boy Advance
• Fixed the Game Boy Color and Advance boot ROM not properly initializing wave RAM
• Improved accuracy of mid-line SCX writes, fixes Infinity
• ld sp, hl now triggers an OAM corruption on affected models
• Improved emulation of Super Game Boy multiplayer, fixes several games that were not responding to inputs
• Fixed the Super Game Boy ATTR_SET command not working correctly, fixing several mis-colored SGB games
• Fixed inaccurate Super Game Boy border fade timing, which caused some games to have corrupt borders
• Fixed inaccurate Super Game Boy graphic transfers, which caused some games to have corrupt borders
• Fixed Super Game Boy rendering of unused tiles, which caused some games to obscure the Game Boy viewport entirely
• Fixed a bug that caused 7-part Super Game Boy commands to lock SGB features, effectively freezing some games on blank screens
• Several timing improvements to the Super Game Boy
• Fixed a mistyped condition that caused a timer glitch to be incorrectly emulated
• Accurate emulation of how the wave channel behaves on restart
• Mostly complete emulation of an APU glitch where channel 3 could read from wave RAM while inactive using the CPU’s main address bus on models prior to the Game Boy Advance
• The Game Boy Color and Advance boot ROM animation had its timings slightly altered to better match the original boot ROMs

Bug Fixes
• A typo was fixed in the debugger mbc command
• Fixed a crash in the SDL port that could happen when swapping ROMs
• Handling of tiny (Less than 32KB) ROMs is now more consistent
• Fixed a bug in the SDL port that flipped the controller left and right keys in the menu
• Resetting a game after loading a save state from a different CPU revision now resets the CPU revision to the user-selected revision on the Cocoa port

Misc Internal Changes
• Fixed an internal struct issue that could have lead to future compatibility issues
• The automatic tester now supports Super Game Boy

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