SNEeSe 0.80


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A new version of SNEeSe, a SNES emulator for DOS & Windows, has been released.

List of changes:

*Misc: Fixed a flaw where divide result registers were not changed by division-by-zero
*Input: Fixed a flaw in JOYC1 which caused SMB in Mario All-Stars to not acknowledge the start button
*Source: Seperated the makefile for the multiple ports
*Documentation: Cleaned up and clarified the history, and moved it to another file
*Ports: Added Linux/Unix build support
*Source: Contributed to the removal of some non-portable code and more source clean-up
*ROM loader: Reduced some problems with loading ROMs in non-absolute paths
*Ports: Added BeOS build support
*Configuration: Improved the portability of code which handled configuration file regeneration
*Source: Fixed a few problems in variable declarations
*GUI: Made ".." come first in the file list
*GUI: Fixed some problems where text would be displayed outside a window
*Source: Reorganized the source tree
*65c816: Fixed a serious design flaw in ADC/SBC emulation which caused the overflow flag to be set to an unexpected state
*Sound: Added clipping and saturation to gaussian interpolation filter, thanks to Jonathan Gevaryahu (Lord_Nightmare) and Brad Martin for the fixes
*Timing: Moved display period to the start of scanlines
*DMA: Fixed a bug where the B-bus address could not be changed to a value equal to the DMA parameter for the same channel
*Timing: Corrected normal display to 224 lines
*Timing: Added support for latching 213C/213D counter registers via register 4201
*Misc: Added support for reading .zip and .gz files
*Render: Fixed a bug where dual-window AND logic would result in an entire line being clipped if either window covered the whole display
*GUI: Cleaned up some usage of constants in the source
*GUI: Moved some input-related code out of the GUI source
*Input: Added support for using joysticks/joypads to emulate controllers; must be set up in controller configuration in GUI similar to keyboard input
*Configuration: Changed format of scancodes for input mappings to decimal
*Timing: Improved PPU counter latch accuracy
*Render: Restructured windowing code
*Render: Added preliminary window clipping to mode 7 background
*Render: Improved layering order in mode 7, helps Final Fantasy 6 world map
*SRAM: Corrected LoROM SRAM address ranges, per a theory shared by myself and MKendora
*Memory map: Corrected ROM mirroring
*ROM loader: Reduced some problems with starting the emulator in a path other than the one where it is located
*Render: Added preliminary window clipping in mode 7
*Render: Fixed some mode 7-related problems in Y's III and Illusion of Gaia; it appears that the intermediate values (BG1HOFS - M7X) and (BG1VOFS - M7Y) produce 10-bit signed results; thanks to SNES'9X for help