SNESGT 0.217


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The latest version of this SNES emulator has been released.

Because for a while it is busy, reply of the bulletin board was stagnant. The people doing bug report, it does not inhale. With the latest renewal especially there is no new functional addition, it has become correction of the bug which has been arrested mainly in report.

- At the time of window size appointment (X1) correction of the bug where size is not reflected securely
- the name table arrangement decisive register ($2107-$210a) with address correcting the fact that the mask it is not done
-- 1-4 picture transforming correction of the steel
- at the time of high resolution mode correcting the bug of sprite drawing
-- The time picture transforming correction of memo and dragon knight 4
- software reset well correcting the fact that it did not work
-- Correction of the bug where the password of [demonzubureizon] does not remain when resetting
- correction of the bug which has been stopped being able to write to SRAM with DMA
-- Correction of the bug whose initial condition of the sou perm Rio collection is strange
- the address increment at time of VRAM entry by mistake correcting the fact that it is
-- Picture transforming correction of the wing commander
- correction of the bug where modulation input is not reset at the silent time
-- Effective sound of [romasaga] 3 correction of part strange bug
- correcting the operation of the ENDX flag of sound DSP
-- Clock tower operation
- the communication timing correction of SPC<>65816
-- Way [mirakurugaruzu] operation
- the cord/code which exists on the control register can be executed just, correction
-- Outer world operation
- execution cycle several corrections of FX
-- Stage selection picture transforming correction of [wairudotoratsukusu]
- S-RTC correspondence
-- PLG of large shellfish animal story 2 just operation
- correcting the resolution detector of default
-- Correcting the fact that 320x240 has become default