UberNES Version 3 revision 3


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UberNES is an NES Emulator for (Win9x/WinNT Platforms) written by MK Productions.

Here's whats new :

Added time-trial support for 5 more game (10 total); users can now compete for best speed runs in the following games:
o Bionic Commando
o Duck Tales
o Ninja Gaiden 2
o Excitebike
o Super Mario Bros. 3

• Added history viewer to online high score and time trial leaderboards
o All high scores and speed run times in UberNES are now timestamped
o Interactive viewer graphs the history of each high score and speed run game
o Game history is also displayed in plain text format that integrates seamlessly with graphical view

• Rewrote video subsystem to provide more functionality and better performance
o Added Scale2X, Scale3X, NTSC, and scanline scalers/filters
o Hardware and software video scaling can now be independently controlled

• Online movie gallery now alerts and signals new UberNES movies when gallery list is refreshed

• Increased number of save state lots from 5 to 100