UltraHLE 2064 1.0.4


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UltraHLE 2064 is a Nintendo 64 emulator based on UltraHLE for Windows.

UltraHLE version 1.0.4 is there.
As promised, the UltraHLE team tries to release some updates on a more regular basis.
UltraHLE 2064 1.0.4 mainly brings the following things :
- Zelda Master Quest compatible
- Zelda Master Quest cheats (including language selection!)
- Adds more compatibility
- Fixes the speeded up music issue users reported
- Fixes some eeprom/Sram/... issues
- Improves third party video plugins support
- Includes more roms specific optimization settings reducing boot time & CPU time needed
- Hopefully solved flashing GUI during gameplay
- Some work-around ...
UltraHLE 1.0.3 installer version is recommended to run this product.
Just install the files included in this package straight to your UltraHLE 2064 folder.
You can also download it (180k) from our download page. Have fun.