XMAME v0.62.2


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The Unix/X11 ports for MAME has been updated....Here's the following changes:

Almost everything from MAME 0.62 and MESS 0.62.1.

The game window should no longer open twice on startup in most cases. One known exception is Pac-Man with artwork enabled.

Replaced fileio.c with a slightly modified version from the Win32 codebase. Be aware that several command line switches have changed as a result!

Applied the Xv cleanup patch required for the VIDIX patch. (Alastair Robinson)

The number of games is no longer hard-coded to 3000 in datafile.c. This should fix problems with history.dat and "-listinfo". (Rene Single)

Rotation is now handled by the OSD code. The method used is hardly optimal, but it should work for all display targets. Moving the rotation to the blit core is planned for a future release.

The Xv target now uses the game driver's aspect ratio unless the "-nokeepaspect" or "-noka" switch is specified. Inspired by Paul Sajecki's patch.

Simplified/unified the FPS on-screen display. This is now only overridden when the Barath frameskipper is in debug mode.

The DGA, GGI, and SVGALIB targets now use the game aspect ratio provided by the core rather than a hard-coded 4:3. Using "-x11-mode" or "-x11" to activate DGA fullscreen mode now disables Xv. Likewise, switching to DGA fullscreen mode via - is now disabled while Xv is active.

All path and directory options in fileio.c now support expansion of environment variables such as $HOME.

Fixed a warning about snprintf when building for Mac OS X.

Fixed the XInput handling so that spinners no longer show an inertial effect. (David Mitchell)

Updated the documentation to include a section about the Xv extension. (Frank Cox)

Fixed problems in memory.c that could lead to crashes and default.cfg corruption. (smf)

Fixed a bunch of ANSI/ISO warnings reported by Stefano Priore. Aspect and mode switches are now available for the Xv driver even if DGA isn't enabled.

Fixed a couple of files so that they include instead of the deprecated . (Nico)
Changed a net_active() call in src/mame.c to the osd_net_active(). I must have messed up my all-in-one core patch at some point.

The 'rc' and 'hi' directories are now created on startup if they're missing. (Gerd Sussner)

Merged NetMAME 0.6rc1, which which should allow games to be playable over medium-latency connections, DSL and cable. It also adds configurable ports and NVRAM sync. (Steve Freeland)