Yabause 0.9.7


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A new release for the multiplatform Sega Saturn emulator Yabause has been released. Here are the release changes:

windows port:
• Changed resolution list generation so it adds the resolution to the list, regardless of whether it supports 60 hz or not.
• Fixed error when trying to add blank cheat code.
• Fixed all code that allowed the user to choose filename for saving so it automatically places a default extension.
• Save and Clear buttons are now enabled when loading a cheat file.
• Fixed a bug with AR code adding where it was tracking the wrong edit window.
• Fixed a bug when adding raw cheat codes.
• Fixed bugs in vdp1 debugger.
• Fixed a bug where saving/loading a save state and an error occured would cause sound looping.
• Scroll bar in memory editor now works properly when you move the thumb control.
• Added support for x64 builds in Visual Studio.

• Fixed a bug that was causing older save states to fail