ZiNc 1.1


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"ZiNc is an emulator for arcade video games based on Sony PlayStation hardware. This includes systems from Capcom, Taito, Konami, Tecmo, and Namco, among others. These games are also supported in MAME, but ZiNc can frequently run them faster and with graphics and sound enhancements. "

"Several of the remaining biggest issues with ZiNc have been resolved in this update. First and foremost, we have correct root counter emulation by smf. This corrects the gameplay timing of most System 11 and 12 games, so if Tekken 3 was showing 60/60 but playing like molasses before, give it a try now. Similarly, Soul Edge no longer acts like the characters are on speed with a Red Bull chaser. Polygonal pr0n fans will appreciate that Show Time is now fully functional in Dancing Eyes. In more mundane news, I (RB) have replaced ZiNc´s zip file loader. ZiNc now should recognize all valid zip files (including ones it didn´t understand before) and additionally it can load by CRC so your ROM sets don´t have to have perfect filenames inside the zips. The final change from 1.0.2 is that the Soul Edge sets now are defined properly w.r.t. MAME and should no longer cause trouble.

Note that this is a pretty fundamental emulation change and I haven´t been able to verify that all 71 of ZiNc´s games work properly now, so if you find any new issues (especially those related to either game speed or games now not working properly) please report them on the official ZiNc messageboard. "