[Battery] no CD Antz Extreme Racing v1.0 ENG


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no CD

Antz Extreme Racing v1.0 ENG

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-Battery- , bumax[BAFH] Antz Racing NoCD Patch Release Date: 07/25/2002 Protection: cd-check Cracked By..: BAT-TEAM # of Files: 1 Antz Racing NoCD Patch. --[REMEMBER TO DO FULL INSTALL IF ASKED!]-- 1. Unpack Battery cracked exe to gamedir 2. Copy cdaudio folder from CD to gamedir 3. Import antz_BAT.reg to register 4. Launch game! WE DONT WANT ANY1 TO CONTACT US! WEB: NEVER - IRC: NEVER - EMAIL: NEVER DEViANCE - MYTH - RAZOR 1911 - RAZOR DEMO - TOW

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