Civilization 4 v1.61 ENG


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Civilization 4 v1.61 ENG

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[h7] Civilization 1.61 Update (c) Firaxis/2kgames

Date: 21 May 2006 Game Type: Slow and painful Supplier: PCGAME Size: Few floppies Cracker: PCGAME Protection: Safedisc 4.6 INFO: ~~~~~~~~~ uhm, yah.

Hello friends! As you mightve noticed, the previous two rels of ours do not work 100%, nor does the carbon ones. Reason ofcourse is that the game is so boring, that if we we're to sit through 10 rounds of this game, we would surely die of some STD. And scenery? who needs it!

So, here we go again then, another repack, and yes. Lets hold our hands together and pray that it works this time!

INSTALLATION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Run updater, copy over cracked exe, play.

GROUP LOVE: ~~~~~~~~~~~ PIZZADOX for bringing me pizza! Carbon for releasing srom7 updates and starforce updates today, classy! PCGAME 2006

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