Europa Universalis IV: Dharma v1.27 All No-DVD [Codex]

Europa Universalis IV


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Europa Universalis IV: Dharma v1.27 All No-DVD [Codex]

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C O D E X P R E S E N T S Europa Universalis IV: Dharma Update v1.27 (c) Paradox Interactive Release Date : 10/2018 Protection : Steam Discs : 1 Genre : Simulation For list of changes read included patchnotes.txt - Extract - Run setup.exe and install update - Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir - Play

NOTES: No previous update is required.

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Europa.Universalis.IV.Dharma-CODEX - Block the game's exe in your firewall to prevent the game from trying to go online .. - If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary to run this game with admin privileges instead CODEX is currently looking for

nothing but competition!

Greetings to STEAMPUNKS & CPY LNK^CPS 02/2015 Update v1.27: ################### # Free Features ################### - Added support for Steam Rich Presence. - New Lottery Election mechanic - New unique government for Venice - New Sortition reform on tier 3 that enables Lottery election. (Dharma) - Added Bureaucratic Aparatus and Appointment by Committee government reforms for republics. (Dharma) - Removed old Sortition reform. (Dharma) - Added Arrival of the Kalmyks event - Added Prussian Confederation event chain - Added Roman of Moldavia event chain - Added mission trees for Poland, Lithuania, Romanian Group, Tatar Hordes. - Added descision to form the Ilkhanate. - Added Great Mongol State government for Mongol Empire (Free), allowing Banners in primary culture provinces(Mandate of Heaven). - Added new government reform 'Permanent Marathas Council' for Indian nations with the Maratha estate. +5% discipline and changes Recruit Minister interaction to give a general with +1 shock instead of an advisor. (Dharma) - Added new government reform 'Governmental Purbias Register' for Indian nations with the Rajput estate. Changes Recruit Purbias interaction to give +5% discipline to Rajput regiments. (Dharma) ################### # Gamebalance ################### # Economy - Disable Charter Company if the country is highly in debt to avoid saving money in other countries. - Tariffs are now only counted on income from Production, Gold and Trade. - Tariffs overlord operate on now match how much the CN actually pays. # Governments - Added the missing max absolutism malus for republics. - Increased losing 4 reforms to 7 for Seize Executive Power Reform. - Increased losing 6 reforms to 8 for Proclaim Divine Guidance Reform. - Nepotism candidates in elections are now aged randomly between 30 and 50. - Reduced losing 6 reforms to 3 for Become a Republic Reform. - Tribals Civil Society Reform now gives additional -0.05 corruption - Tribals Lip Service Reform modifier reduced to 10% Land Maintenance Modifier. - Tribals Religious Societies Reform now gives additional 15% Religious Unity - Bishoprics can no longer have their rulers made into generals at all while the Monastic Orders can have any of their rulers made into a general. The Hochmeister strikes back. # Units - Rajput regiments base modifiers changed to -25% drill decay, -50% reinforce cost, and +5% morale # Other - Added 0.33 monthly support for local heir on loyal nobility estate - Switched out Papacy government prestige gain to Prestige per development from missionary. - Switched out Prestige gain in Glory of Rome of the Pope idea set for -1% Prestige Decay. - Switched out The Vatican Museums for -10% Dip Advisor Cost(+1 Free Dip Policy for Dharma) - Vatican Library Administrative Edition now gives -5% administrative tech. - Vatican Library Diplomatic Edition now gives -5% diplomatic tech. - Vatican Library Military Edition now gives -5% military tech and 50% army tradition from battle. - Vatican Library Military edition no longer gives 5% discipline. - Contamination Detected, initiating Quarantine Protocols. - Vijayanagari mission 'Divert Trade from Bengal' will not only upgrade CoT's to level 2. - World Port now gives 0.2% naval tradition decay instead of 0.25 yearly naval tradition. - Religious ideas finisher now let's you convert in territories. - Territory provinces have an additional -2 missionary strength malus. - Dhimmi given provinces now provide less to the overal religious unity. -50% at Neutral, -100% at Loyal. - No longer gain Global Trade embracement boost from Marketplace, Trade Depot, Stock Exchange because you already get a lot from trade power which these buildings boost. - Gain 0.5 Global Trade embracement scaled from level 3 CoT, 0.1 from Level 2 CoT - Restricted somewhat where Manufacturing can spawn so we don't get it spawning in 5 dev desert province - Reduce how much Manufacturing spread you get on continents where it did not spawn. - Restricted somewhat where Enlightenment can spawn so we don't get it spawning in 5 dev desert province - Reduce how much Enlightenment spread you get on continents where it did not spawn. ################### # AI ################### # Economy - Fix AI taking unnessecary loans when recruiting - Fix AI not disbanding fleets when over force limit - Fix AI offering no money in charter province action to players. # War - Include forts ZoC when recomputing path for unexiled armies - sieging the wargoal does not give anymore a penalty if the AI is the defender and a peace is offered # Other - Fixed indecisive colonisation/settlement growth planning and budgeting AI ################### # Interface ################### # Country - In subject view, clicking on the shield of a trade company will center the map on that trade company. - Parliament issues now have a scrollbar so you can see the entire effect of some of the issues. # Icons/Art - Cleaned up gender icons to look a bit clearer. # Other - Add history entries when a province is subject of Charter Company diplomatic action. - Battles involving condottieri should pop up the combat view. - Do not show the automatic transport dialog if trying to move during battles. ################### # Usermodding ################### # Effects - Can no longer set dynasty on republican leaders in define_ruler effects. Dynasty argument is reused to let you set last name now. - Added add_next_institution_embracement_scaled which behaves like devving in a province - Added adm_power_cost, dip_power_cost, mil_power_cost effects & triggers that scales with the power cost modifier - All Variable effects can be defined with `= { var_name = value }` now. - Added set_base_tax, set_base_production, set_base_manpower effects # Modifiers - Implemented monthly_support_heir_gain modifier - Added new modifier that increases how much PP you get from an insult. - has_banners modifier now will work for every country and is no more limited to Manchu - Added static modifier that is applied to all territory provinces. - Added local_religious_unity_contribution modifier. # Triggers - Added has_unembraced_institution trigger. - All Variable triggers can be defined with `= { var_name = value }` now. # Other - Can now access exiled monarchs in localisation - Can now define the age range of a ruler - Can now flag a government reform that it triggers elections upon death. ################### # Script ################### # Decisions - Added decision to form the Mongol Empire - Added decision to restore the Ilkhanate as a March - Moving the capital to St. Petersberg will now upgrade its Center of Trade level. # Events - Added option to 'Cultural Ties Weakened' event to convert to American primary culture. First option now adds American as an accepted culture. - Rewrote Vlad the Impaler event. Vlad will now appear more regularly as a ruler. # Ideas - Added Chernigov national ideas - Added Crimean national ideas - Added Ilkhanid national ideas - Added National Ideas for dynamic Cossack nations - Added Rigan national ideas # Setup - Added the Mongol Empire and Kalmyk tags - Poland now accepted Ruthenian culture in 1444 # Other - Added new free and possible policy modifiers as custom ideas - Added startup screen for Wallachia and Moldavia - Added startup screen for the Tatar hordes - Transoxiana is now a slightly different shade of blue ################### # Bugfixes ################### - Fixed CTD when when loading old saves with owned provinces changed to wasteland in later version - 'Japan Discovered' event now allows for Anglicans - 'Missionaries in the Spice Islands' event now converts some provinces in the Spice Islands to Catholicism - Added fallback requirement for VIJ War Plunder mission - Added missing % sign to Nobles of the Robe tooltip - Added tooltip for Conform to Template view when province is not controlled by you or your overlord - Added tooltip to Italian Wars event explaining that relations with Spain will be worsened. - All subsidies are now canceled when going bankrupt - Anglicanism will no longer spawn in a country that is a junior partner in a PU - Any siege is now ended when abandoning a colony - Apply local autonomy penalty from estate removal after it been removed. - Aristocracies and Hordes once again have access to Aristoractic ideas - Army Professionalism parliament bribe now costs 2 army professionalis rather than 200 - Assigned Cayenne to correct colonial region - Aurangabad modifier from Mughal mission now gives local rather than global development cost. - Can no longer become an Iqta as an Indian Sultanate (no Dharma) - Can no longer form Mughals as the Celestial Emperor - Can no longer get Talented and Ambitious Daughter event with States General reform - Can now hear elephants in battle without Dharma enabled if you have any Dharma unit pack enabled - Changing to and from Steppe Horde government with Dharma will now change your tech and unit group to and from the nomad group. - Colonial subjects are now blocked from fabricating claims overseas - Corrected province highlighting in VIJ mission 'South Indian trade' - Countries in Random Setup that get specific tags can no longer get reforms unique to those tags - Dimitri event for Russia will no longer fire if country is a junior partner in PU - Election event will use correct pronouns if current ruler is female. - Event option to cede Goa to Portugal will no longer be available if a player owns Goa - Event to pick Dutch Republic now removes Parliament reform if it has been picked - Event to remove Free City reform now fires correctly - Events that change government type refund some reform progress - Fix the automatic transportation feature - Fixed CTD when selecting abandoned colony with invalid siege - Fixed Eat Your Greens and The Ostenders achievements being completable by any nation despite not being visible. - Fixed Gujarati Textiles mission applying wrong trade goods size modifier - Fixed Kiowa culture not being on map - Fixed Mughal Open China mission attempting to reward local goods produced modifier to the whole country. - Fixed Question of Rights event being able to take land from own colonial nations - Fixed Sleepless in Seattle achievement requiring wrong province. Seattle is actually in Salish province. - Fixed Trade Company Region not updated on Trade Nodes after loading save, leading to CTD trying to access deleted memory - Fixed Unite Japan decision tooltip claiming that Daimyos will become Feudal Monarchies - Fixed Vaishyas estate event using country instead of province flag, prevent modifiers from being applied - Fixed breaking to rebels sometimes causing an extra stab hit, especially as the Pope - Fixed changing away from Muslim as Feudal Theocracy without Dharma not giving new government - Fixed city placement in Garwhal - Fixed decision to convert ruler religion being available to junior union partners - Fixed event allowing female consort for female ruler - Fixed highlighting issues in Bahmani mission Persianate Empire - Fixed missing title text for Mamluk event 'The Emissaries return with good news' - Fixed spelling of Minnesota area - Fixed wrong culture name in nation designer trigger for Gond Kingdom - Fixed wrong institution in Cabinet of Curiosities event - Fixed wrong legacy government given in election event for tribes - Fixed wrong mission icon for Taungu mission Annex Prome - Foreign Talent event will no longer fire for subject nations - Forming Egypt now gives claims on unowned provinces in the Egypt region - Forming Great Britain now always completes the War of the Roses mission - Forming Ireland now requires owning all of Ireland. Decision now refers to areas instead of provinces. - Forming Japan now disallows the Japanese gov reforms (Shogunate, Daimyo, Ind. Daimyo) - Forming Qing decision description no longer refers to having already united China - Forming Rajputana or Marathas now sets tech and unit group to Indian - Forming the Mughal Empire will now enact unique Mughal government reforms up to the currently unlocked reform tier. - Forming the Mughals with States General reform will now remove that reform - Gujarati event 'An Embassy to the Ottoman Sultan' now only fires if Portugal owns a province in India - If you don't have elections, taking reforms that gives you duration time no longer gives you term election. - Indian Sultanate reform no longer invalid when switching capital outside of India - Jain and Hindu Merchant Community event no longer affects Jain loyalty twice. - Janos Hunyadi now has fixed stats and appropriate age - Junior monarchies in a personal union under a non-monarch will now have their own legitimacy instead of being stuck at 0. (Yes there are very strict specific circumstance where non-monarchy can have a PU) - Korean mission "Conquer Huncun" reward is no longer redundant. Adds claims needed for next mission. - Land of Churches mission will now accept either churches or cathedrals in any arrangement - Mewar mission Rajput Trasde Guilds now completable with any set of estates - Move Capital to Pegu mission now requires Pegu to be the capital. - Natives no longer use legitimacy mechanic - No Dharma - Indian Sultanates can no longer Indianize their Sultanate - Novogorod mission now gives claims on Vologda - Only provinces within the country border (or the non-tributary subjects' ones) can be released in a peace deal. - Orangist candidates no longer get double names. They should simply be Van Oranje now. - Piety change when declaring war as Muslim now refers to Mysticism as well as Legalism - Primitives are no longer able to select Naval Doctrines - Qing now uses 'Empire' government name at rank 3 instead of 'Khaganate' - Random events no longer give reform progress to primitives - Reduce Champaner mission now requires a core on the province - Reduced size of mission tooltip for Bengali Clear the Delta mission - Releasing Deccan from Mughal mission should now give Deccan a government - Remove Presidential Dictatorship reform when dictator dies and a new republican leader is elected. - Removed references in several events to old center of trade modifiers - Removed remove_non_electors_emperors_from_empire_effect from some Dharma formables - Rulers given by pretenders and events now add +200 support for monarchists with the States General mechanic - Sweet Home Qaraqorum, Ganges Khan and Maharana Pratap achievements no longer allow custom nations. - Tartar and Altaic nations with Tribal government type can now pick Steppe Horde - The Anjou Claims event now gives a claim on Abruzzi - The effects of Rise of a Despot event now happen immediately rather than after choosing the option - Unite Japan mission now requires direct ownership of most of the Japan region. - When playing without CoC, a tooltip will now inform the player that The Janissaries event will fire in 12 years when enacting the Devshirne System decision. - Will no longer swap mission trees when forming an Indian nation without unique missions except for Punjab - players cannot anymore create infinite-points custom nations exploiting the play button enabled while confirmation modal is visible - Fix OOS caused by not updating religious school modifiers - Remove invalid reforms on tag switch - Fixed Daimyos sometimes having two vassals - Fixed papacy not being restored when releasing PAP as vassal - Education of Daughters custom idea is temporarily disabled because of unforseen bug right before release, will be returned as soon as we can. - Fixed so One King To Rule achievement requires 50 absolutism. Should now be possible for people not owning Dharma to get the achievement. - Fixed bug where define_advisor was not creating advisors - Fixed trade league disbanding after forming a new nation. - Fix raze tech power decrease being uncapped - Can no longer scorch earth with exiled units. - Fix primitives being able to select Naval Doctrines - Junior legitimacy no longer affected by dynasty change in overlord. - Junior legitimacy will no longer be reset on monthly if overlord is not a monarchy. - Former tributaries shouldn't be considered ex-subjects when going at war against their overlord. - Shogun can no longer move their capital to prevent bunch of nasty bugs with that. - Supply Convoys policy increased to 0.2% liberty_desire_from_subject_development from 0.02% - Fixed Revolutionary governments losing all reform progress. They will now get reform progress as if they had switched using reforms. - Mewar Never Changes achievement now visible to any nation that can access its mission tree - Fixed broken Combat role bonus modifier for sieges with blockade. - Fix game not exiting properly on Alt.-F4 when music player is open. - Human should now be removed properly if player drops and ingame lobby does not exist. - Fix alert about AI team member wanting to break alliance - The seller of a province in Charter Company will gain inflation like province selling, but only based on the amount of money gained (not the administrative costs). - Fixed exploit where Europeans could get Trade Company Trade Goods bonus in their own province. - Optimized code that generated the weather texture.

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