Ys: The Oath in Felghana v1.0r3 All

Ys: The Oath In Felghana


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Ys: The Oath in Felghana v1.0r3 All No-DVD [THETA]

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RELEASE INFO Ys: The Oath in Felghana v1.0r3 *Update* (c) by Nihon Falcom Date: 25-04-2012 Protection: Steam Release: Cracked by Ignite ABOUT US / NEWS We are just another small non-scene group who started in 2007. Since then we became a bit more skilled, now we have done over 3000 quality releases, and we hope to bring you more of them. We are seeking for new talents: - Coders If you have any good experience and want - Crackers to join us - read CONTACT section for - GFX artists details. - Keygenners - Suppliers There will be requirements. - Others? And there will be cookies as well. :) NOTES Our releases are always virus-free. If you think you found something suspicious, it's a problem of your security software. All those antivirus systems will never be too smart, so don't complain. And always remember that we are not responsible for modified releases. We aren't stealing releases. We respect hard work of other people and always indicate original authors of releases. We have permissions to use their files. We are doing all this for fun and knowledge only. Always remember to support the developers if you like the product and its quality. MEMBERS 420Gamer [ gfxer, webdeveloper, trial ] + apelord [ coder, cracker, trial ] + Astra [ tester, trial ] + b0ne$natcheR [ cracker, trial ] + casanova [ cracker, trial ] + Chanman [ gfxer, trial ] + FrenFolio [ coder, cracker ] + Ignite [ cracker ] + Illusion [ coder, cracker ] + Liandri [ supplier, founder ] + Razor73 [ sysop ] - s2003r [ cracker, supplier ] + SupaSta [ supplier ] + Sigma9o9 [ sysop ] - s0l_ir0n [ coder, cracker ] - ViRUS [ coder, cracker, trial ] + GREETINGS Coffee Man Ghandi otti progopis ph0enix rESin russiankid Soda Lastway Zerok LnDL REVENGE TRiViUM TSRh UnderSEH All friends and great people who always do their best. INGS CIY [ >20 stolen releases ] EyM [ 3 stolen releases ] OUTLAWS [ guys, no more please *facepalm* ] SLAM [ 5 stolen releases ] VACE [ 16 stolen releases ] All other thieves, rippers, leechers, repackers, liars and selfish people. You know who you are! (we know it too) CONTACT Web none IRC irc://irc.dawgclan.net:6667/theta E-mail (no requests) theta[dot]pub[at]gmail[dot]com ANSI logo & NFO layout Original character by Liandri by Neostream Updated: 18/04/2012

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