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DataJack is an upcoming 2D cyberpunk stealth action / RPG game which has been under development for four years. Set in the year 2030, following the collapse of nation states, the world of DataJack is run by megacorporations who recognize no rule of law beyond sheer military force. The game follows the career of a corporate mercenary who hires out his abilities as assassin, hacker and gunslinger to the highest bidder.

Game features:

• 28 unique, modifiable weapons: from crude shotguns to railguns
• Gadgets including remote explosives, EMP grenades, shurikens, and more
• Three factions and three different endings
• Cybernetic limbs and implants which give stat bonuses
• Guard AI which investigates, engages and pursues suspicious persons (you)
• Isometric pixel art graphics
• Destructible walls and terrain
• 30 planned missions

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