Jetmen Revival


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Inspired by the classic games Thrust, Turbo Raketti and Gravity force, Jetmen Revival, is a modern take on games considered by some to be classic two player PC gaming.

Jetmen Revival allows you and your friends to challenge each other to dogfights in totally destructible environments. Destroy each other with missiles, mines, lasers, miniguns and lots of other weapons. 9 unlockable weapons complement the 14 weapons that are available from the beginning - a total of 23 weapons to fight and humiliate your friends with!

The game tracks everything you've ever done, in your own personal pilot profile. Earn medals and experience to improve your rank.
Duke it out in the beautiful levels that come with the game or download more levels, created by other gamers. Creating your own ships, flags and even levels is also extremely easy.

Defend yourself even after you ship is destroyed. When your ship explodes you will bail out and be a vulnerable, yet somewhat powerful Jetman. The official Site for Jetmen Revival is here

Follow the download tab above for further information and extra Jetmen downloads.

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