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GigaWing - Play as Stranger

Play as Stranger At the Gallery and at the first screen press B X Y B B Y X B. Invincibility for Player Two In TwoPlayer Mode have Player One select a...

GigaWing 2

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Carrier - Infinite T7 Bombs

Infinite T7 Bombs Open the box with the T7 bomb in it get the bomb close the box and repeat. Only 20 T7 bombs can be carried at one time. GameShark Co...

Centipede - Cheat Mode

Cheat Mode During gameplay hold A B X Y L R and rotate the Analogstick in any level. If done correctly the message "Get a life=" or "Al...

Chao Adventure - Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy Change Chao's h3 to 1234567. Level Skip Get a Chao from Sonic Adventure first. Then when your Chao gets to the end of an area it w...

Chicken Run

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Crazy Taxi - Expert Mode

Expert Mode At the Character Selection screen hold L R Start. If done correctly the word Expert will appear in the lower left corner. Secret Push Bike...


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