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2112 is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that combines strategic base defense gameplay with deep customization and the visceral action found in Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. 2112 puts players in the middle of an epic war set in a futuristic atmosphere tied together with an gripping intergalactic storyline.

In 2112, players can choose between one of three races. Each race possesses unique technologies made from the rare element Herani that must be harvested, researched and fully exploited. New technologies based on Herani will provide armies with destructive power. Players must wield their power strategically by placing forward bases for upcoming assaults, build upon resource point locations to block enemy advancement, and upgrade fortresses to better repeal an invaders attack. Players will have a full range of defensive structures and offensive units and weapons to choose from and upgrade.

2112 will launch in Q4 2012.

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