The Bizarre Creations of Keith the Magnificent


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1 Demo available for The Bizarre Creations of Keith the Magnificent, see below

A game about a mad, alcoholic, depressed wizard who wants to get new friends by robbing graves and turning them into steampunk, zombie, cyborgs. He then sets them on fire and abuses them until they decide enough is enough, and have a riot. Using his many expert skills, and genius plans you have to help him escape - both from the huge, flying castle he is on, and from his own pit of depression. Currently a free demo level available from the website, the final game will have 13 levels, each with up to 14 puzzles and on average take 35 minutes or more to complete leaving you with hours of mad zombie killing, and creating, squishing eyeballs and burning guts. Dark and inappropriate humor is very much the word, covering up the more disturbing themes underneath. The game is currently up on kickstarter.

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