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A real time strategy space simulator.
Set in a devastated solar system in the year 2320.

The story so far...

In the 21 century humanity started to explore its own solar system.
Planets and moon were colonized. Space stations were built and mineral were mined from asteroids and moons.
Humanity had escaped from the overcrowded Earth and begun spreading to other planets and moons in the solar system.
With space finally within reach, more space and resources became available and tension between nations lessened.
No longer were nations fighting over dwindling resources. Space had enough for all. Peace was a reality.
With advances in gravitational technology spaceships could safely traverse the long distances in space.

In the year 2163 A wormhole was discovered on the outskirts of the asteroid belt in the solar system. It was stable, but it tended to move around within a given radius of 100 billion kilometres.
After years of study and construction a wormhole Stabilizer was created and fixed to the wormhole. Taming it like a wild beast to one point in place.
Scientist believed that that the other end of the wormhole was connect the the nearest solar system, Proxima Century. Humanity had created their first Wormhole gate.
It allowed humanity to travel to Proxima Century. A huge construction vessel went through and built another stabilizer on the other end, connecting the two solar systems together in a stable manner.
This was the golden era human space travel. Other wormholes were found that connected to other systems. and so on. Humanity started to plant their footprint in every solar system within its reach.

By the year 2250 humanity had colonized over a dozen solar systems.
Then everything went to hell. The beast broke loose.
Massive energy reading started coming from the wormholes. And then the laws of physics according to men were broken.
Huge gravitational pockets started to appear everywhere. Radiation appeared out of nothing and wormholes appeared and disappeared at random intervals at random positions.
It was a cataclysmic event. Connections between the solar systems were lost.
The birthplace of humanity was torn apart, nothing remains but an asteroid field, shrouded in mystery and fear.
Humanity fell into darkness.
Broken but not beaten. Humanity survived.

Denied of our birthplace forever. We will live among the stars.

About 6 month after the Cataclysm began, the wormhole gate grew quiet.
But from time to time it would spasm and unleash destruction upon the solar system. but less frequently and with less power.
The first to recover were the Terran Alliance. They were the police force of old Solar System. A police force in space is a powerful force. High tech and plenty of resources were available to them.
Their bases in orbit around Venus and Mars were damaged, but functional. Contact with other bases were lost. They lost many people and ships. But enough was spared to recover.
The Terran Alliance helped habitat and industrial stations around Mars to get back on their feet and operate without assistance over the next years.
Those stations would later band together and form the Mars Nation.
Mars below is rumbling. Active volcanoes spew gases into the atmosphere, heating the planet. Many believe that Mars has begun terraforming itself. But no one is sure when Mars will become habitable.

Out on the fringes of the inner solar system, near and in the vast asteroid belt, many companies had set up shop before the Cataclysm. Many asteroid stations had been built and many mining ships operated there.
A long way from Terran Alliance or any other assistance, many didn't survive the Cataclysm. Survivors banded together and claimed valuable resources as their own, kingdoms were formed. Precious resources are fought over.
Many raiders and self declared kings operate freely in the asteroid belt.
Huge ships are used as mobile space stations, while other have dug themselves deep into asteroids for protection.

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