The Count of Monte Cristo


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The Count of Monte Cristo is the archetypal story of revenge.

Edmund Dantes had everything: youth, health, a fantastic job (just promoted to be captain of his own ship), and loved by a beautiful woman. Then without warning, on his wedding day, he was arrested and thrown into the most notorious jail in France - the Chateau d'If, where political prisoners are sent to disappear, where nobody ever escapes. And he was never told why.

Nine years later, having seen nobody but his jailer, he is about to give up in despair. This is where the game begins. Your task is to give him hope. Then help him escape, find the men who destroyed his life, and take his revenge.

Dantes feels he has been spared in order to be God's angel of justice. The men who sent him to the jail are now wealthy and powerful. Dantes works his way into their lives, arranging circumstances so they pay for their sins in the most dramatic and appropriate ways. As each man meets his fate, Dantes, cold and unfeeling, counts them off, revealing his true identity to each in their final moments.

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas. The complete text is available to read within the game.

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