Drip Drip


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Drip Drip - The new video game created by Imminent Games.

Control a team of containers and tools as you travel across the USA and visit 24 exciting cities on your mission to save the buildings from extreme damage, flooding, and destruction. Intense storms have hit each city causing water to drip everywhere. Catch the water to make cash and increase your chances of success.

24 unique buildings - Travel from Mansions to Apartment Slums to Towering Skyscrapers, each with varying heights and increased difficulty.

10 different containers and tools that can be leveled up to Super Power abilities to help you along your way.

Avoid threats like the UFO, Ghost, Witch Doctor, and Lightning Bolts.

3 levels of difficulty – Easy for the casual beginner, Medium for the experienced gamer, and Hard for the hard core gamer looking for a tough challenge.

44 Achievements to unlock!

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