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Expert Rifleman is a shooting simulator which simulates realistic shooting against stationary and moving targets. The simulation accounts for and allows the user to compensate for the forces which affect the path of the bullet. The only thing which Expert Rifleman cannot do is teach you how to pull the trigger.

The goal of Expert Rifleman is to let you gain proficiency at shooting without expending valuable ammo or barrel life. The simulation will let you practice shooting in windy conditions. Try out zeros at different ranges and set the conditions under which your rifle is zeroed. Compare calibers based on ballistic performance flight time, drop and drift.

The scope reticles in Expert Rifleman are calibrated in Mil-rads or MOA and function identically to the real thing.

Pick between the following ammo types or create your own by entering ballistics data:
• 7.62 NATO
• .338 Lapua Magnum
• .50 BMG

Expert Rifleman is built around an advanced ballistic calculator which calculates:
• Gravity and air resistance
• Bore angle
• Aerodynamic jump
• Scope height over bore
• Horizontal and vertical coriolis drift
• Wind drift from arbitrary wind direction including head wind
• Spin drift
• Density altitude and several minor corrections

Vegetation will sway and bend in the direction of the wind, as wind speed increases the bending and movement of vegetation will increase. In addition particles will blow in the wind, allowing you to visualize wind direction and intensity
Three types of targets:
• Mobile target
• Flip target
• Flip and hostage target

Three different maps each with multiple target ranges. You can place a target on any of the maps by pressing enter.
• The dynamic target map lets you practice shooting at moving targets.
• The high angle map lets you practice shooting at an angle.
• The sandbox map lets you place the target and set its distance orientation and speed on a flat map.

Expert rifleman comes preloaded with a number of preset scopes and reticles. In addition it will let you easily create your own scope by loading a custom image file and entering a few variables. Scopes can use either the mil rad or moa systems.

Minimum System requirements:
• DirectX 9 Shader model 2.0 video card with 128mb of memory
• 1gb of ram
• Monitor with minimum resolution of: 1024 x 768

Recommended System requirements:
• DirectX 11 Shader model 5.0 video card with 256mb of memory
• 2gb of ram
• Monitor with minimum resolution of: 1920 x 1080

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