Gulman 2


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1 Demo available for Gulman 2, see below

A game by famous artist Svyatoslav Gulyaev. The game represents a fusion of detective adventure story with quest-arcade-shooter atmosphere

• Beautiful graphics, superb quality compared to the first game Gulman-1.
• New characters (over 10), old and new (upgraded) weapons, 5 new giant levels with completely different entourage and decorations.
• New animation, more animations, the ability to fight and do acrobatic jumps, flips, etc.
• Detective-style quests throughout the game.
• New effects: weather (snow, rain, storm, water, etc.). New fire effects, explosions, etc.
• Discover a delightful physics! (Ragdoll effect and impressive explosions).
• More than 100 sounds and phrases! (Voiced by professionals).
• New music and stereo-effects.
• A mysterious game scenario is escorted by comics drawn in the classical genre.

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