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1 Demo available for HollowFear, see below

HollowFear is an innovative, yet good old, single player game, by gamers for gamers. The emphasis is on gameplay. Everything else is there to serve the gameplay, and not the other way around. It is no game for babies. It will take more than just blindly clicking all over the place to beat it!

In terms of core gameplay, HollowFear brings together best of different genres. As it combines elements of role playing, tower defense and fast paced action/arcade games, it will put your prudence, tactical thinking, reflexes and accuracy to the test.

Innovation is in the way these core elements are put together, in character control, and combat mechanics. Alltogether, making up no revolutionary, but definitely a fresh gaming experience.

It started up more than 4 years ago, as a project of one man, passionate about game development. It is currently in a late development phase, and will be released in Q4 2013 for PC.

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