Jazon and the Dead


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Jazon and the Dead is a style-rich, blood-splashed, top-down, action-adventure game that mixes brain-twisting puzzles with an engaging narrative, dark humor and a hip 80’s vibe. The game’s stark comic book visuals set this game apart from others in the genre.

Jazon and the Dead is heavily inspired by old horror and B-movies (Night of the Living Dead and Braindead), with visuals influenced by comic book artists such as Mike Mignola, Charlie Adlard and Frank Miller.

As the game starts, Jazon wakes up disoriented in the restroom of a bar and he doesn’t remember a thing. As he leaves the bar, he finds a ruined world ruled by zombies and scumbags.

As Jazon travels across the wasteland, he must discover his past to save the future. Along the way he meets Zoey, a wasteland veteran who just wants to forget about her history. Together they visit the oracle in the mountains, who foresees a prophecy leading them on an epic odyssey to save humanity from complete annihilation.

Game Features:

• Player-driven story where you must weigh the consequences of your choices. The story is divided into acts, each with bridging cinematic scenes that focus on different aspects of human nature.
• Fight your way through hordes of zombies with a heavy gun or bloody fist. Ammunition is scarce so you need to make every shot count! Dash and push zombies out of your way to survive through close combat.
• Explore a world inspired by 80’s sci-fi B-movies with chunky old technology and lots of blood and gore. Your journey takes you through deserts, abandoned towns, underground caves, surviving cities and military facilities.
• Puzzle your way out of tense situations before the slow, brain devouring creatures reach you. Work cleverly with corpses in the world -- as weights or to stand on to reach your destination.
• Groovy 80's inspired soundtrack. Nothing less will do it.

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