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1 Demo available for M.A.V., see below

M.A.V. is a 3rd person mech simulation game centered around a highly customizable vehicle.As we are still very early in development, we can not reveal all of the details yet, however, here are a few of the key features of the game.
Seamless Multiplayer and Singleplayer: Multiplayer and Single player with be highly intergrated so that players can easily open up single player worlds to friends with out changing the game experience to much. Single player will have identical gameplay to multiplayer.
Massive Customization: This game is about making it your own. Your M.A.V. will fully reflect your play style, your in game status, and your personal likes.

Intense Tactical and Strategic Combat: Battles will be very intense, every shot will count, and strategy will always prevail.
You can now order M.A.V. and have instant acess to all future releases for only $10. By ordering the game now, you own the game and will not ever need to buy anything again. This will include all updates up to and including the full game, plus any additional updates that get made after the 'full release'.

Beta will likely see the price raise to $20. Again, it will only be for people that did not order M.A.V. during the alpha state. I hope this anwers any questions you may have, but if not feel free to contact me at mav@bombdogstudios.com

Buy M.A.V. for only $10!

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