The Mims Beginning


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“The Mims Beginning” is a Real Time Strategy game with a dose of cosmic humor. The story takes place in an unknown space and time. In this galaxy mythical floating islands give shelter to all kinds of unusual and dangerous creatures.

The game combines numerous types of gameplay. Your colonists act on their own most of the time, they do their duties without order from the leader. However, you can control them directly by issuing simple commands.

With a use of godlike PSI powers the leader can influence living things in his range of power and strengthen his colony. This feature is quite similar to the “Populous the Beginning” game.

The game focuses mainly on expansion and defense of the the colony. Every building or plant placement is important, but still the game is to be considered a light strategy. There are also elements known to more casual gamers, that will require fast reactions from the player.

As a player you act as the current leader of a Mims settlement. The Mims are sympathetic creatures traveling through outer space in search of a friendly world to settle.

During the intergalactic journey their spaceship is destroyed by an asteroid and the crew is forced to evacuate on nearby planets which are not always friendly.

Your goal is to perform various tasks required to reconstruct the spaceship. You can help them by properly developing your new colonies. Every mission takes place on a different planet where separate groups of castaways face their own fate.

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