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1 Demo available for Ramayana, see below

This is a Real-Time-Strategy game on plot of Indian great epic Ramayana. The story in the game starts from Rama & Lakshmana's search of Sita.
The game contains 20 campaign based on the story of the epic. First 2 campaigns are mostly tutorial.
The game supports skirmish with 2 factions: Vaanara and Rakshasa; maximum of 8 teams.
Each factions have worker units who can gather resources: food/wood/stone/metal & build buildings. Buildings are of type Citadel, Barracks, Archery, Beastiary, Farm/Tree House, Lumbercamp, Mine, Outpost. Citadels and Farms can train workers. Barracks, Archery & Beastiary can train military units. Military units are of type: Light/Heavy Melee/Archer/Beast. Resources are needed to train/build units/buildings. Each unit have their own hitpoint capacity, attack, armor, healrate, accuracy, stealth.
The characters of story are hero units having special abilities. Heroes have level. On each campaign some of the heroes gains level, which help them gain more attack/armor/healrate & new special abilities are unlocked.
A map editor is also added to the game, with which new maps can be created and skirmishes can be played in it.
Skirmish/Campaign games can be saved in midway and can be loaded anytime.

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